Payment policies 

Payment policies:​

  • 50% of the payment should be done in advance for the website project.

  • Pending payment should be done within 7 days of your website project completion. 

  • Failing to pay the pending payment on time would cause the deactivation of your website. 

  • In cases of re-activation of accounts, Rs. 1000 would be charged as an administrative fee with the pending payment.

Renewal  policies:​

  • Renewal charger for your website will be 55% of the actual cost. 

  • Renewal charges should be paid before the validation date of your website. 

  • Incase delaying of renewal charges, the company will not hold any responsibility towards the deactivation of your website caused by late payment. 

Refund Policy Details:

  • Try Our website design for 7 days and if you're not 100% satisfied, get your money back.

  • Rs. 1500 will be deducted, to refund, in case cancellation.

  • No money back after 7 days of project handover.

Change In Packages And Pricing:

  • MKOP Solutions reserves the right to change the price and services of its services and packages at any point in time.

  • The information regarding prices and services available on our site may be changed without any prior information.

  • An increase in the price of our services is our sole decision and for all new deals, the new price will be applicable. 

  • MKOP Solutions can increase the price anytime and the new price will be effective for the new deals but the orders placed before the announcement of the new price will be considered at the old price only. 

  • The information published on our website regarding prices and services may be changed at any point in time, without prior intimation. Also, the increase in prices would be the sole decision of MKOP Solution.

Account setup:

  • Your account would be set up after the receipt of your payment is received and confirmed by MKOP Solution. on completion of screening procedures.

  • It is your liability to give us proper information to verify the same and if you don't do so, your account creation will be delayed.