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Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions:​

  • Website updating will take a minimum of 24 hrs to 48 hrs to update.

  • Any technical issues will take a minimum of 48 hrs to fix but not more than 7 working days.

  • Services will be given only for the products that we offer. 

  • Renewal charges should be paid before the validation or expiry date of your website. 

  • Incase delaying of renewal charges, the company will not hold any responsibility towards the deactivation of your website caused by late payment. 

  • Normal services are, uploading photos, content change on the existing page, any type of text change, theme change, settings change examples a mobile or PC view. 

  • The following services are not under normal services like creating a new page, the overall change of content, overall page change, putting anything new features that are not offered at the time of the deal, this type of service may cost than the normal service charges due to more hours of work.

  • MKOP solutions will not hold any responsibility for data loss due to your renewal or pending payment delay.

  • After the free servicing period, your service may cost more than the minimum charge per month. Depending on the type of services cost may vary. A prior quotation will be given for the services only in case climbing for more than normal services.

  • Once the website is completely developed and working 100 % fine, false complaints won't be entertained, and in case repeated false complaint of clients due to lack of patients to test the process will cause a serious penalty for wasting our valuable time and our services will be taken down temporarily. This action will be taken only when a client gives a false complaint repeatedly, more than twice or thrice.

  • Note: We are not collaborating with any other partners and any third party companies. 

  • We develop all the project with our trained developers hired by mkopsolutions.

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